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Over the past 26 years, we have developed and continue to improve our proprietary LP-F1 (nickel silicon carbide) plating formula. LP-F1 has been developed in various racing applications from Motocross to Formula 1. This allows us to offer the finest plating technology in the market place.

Our new Rottler H75A Power Stroke Diamond Honing Machine is at the cutting edge of diamond abrasive technology. This automated machine with CNC touch screen controls will provide a precision bore size and a precise surface finish.

Step-by-step Process


When your cylinder is received, it is inspected for damage, then thoroughly cleaned with a variety of cleaners and bead blasted. We prefer that you send your cylinders to us without any parts (studs, power-valves, dowels, etc.). However we can remove these if you prefer for an additional labor charge. If your cylinder is scored or damaged, our expert welders can repair it. It will then go through the process of being bored, pre-plate honed, re-plated, and precision honed. Before the finished cylinder is shipped it goes through an extensive quality inspection. In most instances the finished cylinder is better than new.